Integrated Creativity

An original learning methodology

by Ellie Tsatsou-Palmer

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A New Body of Work ​— Now LIVE

Welcome to the most comprehensive digital educational ​catalogue on the creative process and practice; exploring

the creative act holistically and with deep intention.


Integrated Creativity —

Integrated Creativity is a holistic learning approach and kind methodology ​that embraces and encourages the expression of our whole selves,

across all aspects of our lives, daily.


In synthesis & IN SYNERGY

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Integrated Creativity is not really about technique or equipment or shortcuts. And it’s not just about

art and artists. It’s about understanding all the forces that come into play when any one of us

sets out to create something that hasn’t been here before.


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Integrated Creativity employs multifaceted tools, diverse research and open dialogues

in order to unpack why and how we do the creative work we do and why it matters.

Hi there, I’m Ellie.

I am the creator of this program and the facilitator of all courses, workshops and sessions you find ​here. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (Pathway: Technology Enhanced ​Learning), an MA in Digital Productions and a BA in Media & Communications but what I mainly

do is that I study the light; I compose research, pictures and processes of attuned perception

and I blend what I find with what is (with)in me to synthesise new insights.

I write, I teach, I pay attention.

Integrated Creativity is my latest project, where I examine the physical, cognitive, emotional and ​spiritual dimensions of the creative process and practice with the aim to highlight and celebrate ​the multitudes of joy, challenge and surrender that inhabit the lands of making.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the inside of the new platforms I’ve created. Thank you for ​your interest in my work and expanding practice. I never take for granted that you allow me to ​inform your own imagination.

Ellie Tsatsou-Palmer

Founder & Educator of Integrated Creativity


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Making finding joy in the process a priority.

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on the Inside —

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